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new monroe. done by scotty at penna:)

i just got my monroe repierced a week and 2 days ago. i love it. i've been babying it like crazy, doing sea salt soaks 2-3x's daily, as well as drinking lots of chamomile tea, the swelling has went done dramatically, but now i find it to be a bit red and crusty. is this normal? is there anything else i can do to help it along without irritating it i've been using hot water and q-tips after the soak around it to get rid of the crusties and goo, then using a dry q-tip to get rid of dampness, but i find after a bit or so the crusties just come right back. i know that when i got my septum done, years ago, it had crusties, i dont remember redness because it was inside my nose, but it eventually healed beauitful. i suppose it is a lot more noticable with my monroe since it's easily viewable on my face. tips and info would be appreciated. and of course so this isnt boring some photos of my new/old piercings.

Image hosting by Photobucket
this was about 3 days after i got my monroe done, as you can see my lip was quite swollen.

my mods:
16g monroe
14g septum
16g tragus
18g nostril
lobes at 00g, soon to be 7/16" Whee!

then a couple of tattoos.

Image hosting by Photobucket
about two days ago, as you can see it's a bit red

Image hosting by Photobucket
lots of monroe action, my two friends and myself a day after it was pierced

Image hosting by Photobucket
this was my monroe the first time i had it done, about a year ago, i didnt really care for the placement so i took it out, when i smiled it was right in my crease.

Image hosting by Photobucket
here is a photo of my septum and nostril piercings, i still have the septum, i just regularly wear a retainer in it.

xposted light, thanks in advance for the help.
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